kingdom hearts wiki ia a place were players of the kingdom hearts games can talk to al the other players around the world and they can chat online to see hoe the other players are doing as well on there file or files i created this website so i could also contact different people as well i was also trying to get the world to know the kingdom hearts but it just seems that everyone is just doing fine on there own plus i was of to a great start trying to get people to play the game because i told them that there was also final fantasy characters in it and then i thought that who dosent like final fantasy and i told my friends about it then i had them use the game then i saw that they were really into it then i tought tat maybe i could also get all the other people in the world to play the games as well i also play the games of course i have two of them kingdom hearts 2 and kingdom hearts 358/2 days i plan to also collect them all but that wont happen for a whle but its work in progress but thats al im cody livingston a.k.a cdawg14 and im from penn manor high schoolEdit